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CENTER-COCKPIT BOATS - I have a center-cockpit boat. I've been told that I can't run the operating lines that far forward.

This is a common misperception. If good-quality low-friction blocks are used and some thought is given to the run of the operating lines, quite large center-cockpit boats can be fitted with Monitors. With care, the lines can be routed so they do not interfere with crew movement or foul any other gear.

As with all Monitor installations, the lines can be easily unshipped when the windvane is not going to be used for a time - just undo the tensioner knots, wrap the short lengths of line around the wheel adapter, and tie the longer lengths off to the side. Painted or marked line ends can prevent accidentally mismatching the lines when setting back up.

Center Cockpit Boat Photos

Note that all five of these boats have line tensioner/quick-release knots on their operating lines.

Amel Sharki 39 "Xanareva" - San Francisco, California. The operating lines are brought forward on the port side, then up and over the coaming.

Amel Sharki 39 "Xanareva" - San Francisco, California. From the coaming, the lines are led to the wheel adapter.

Hallberg Rassy 36 "Skylla" - Holyhead, England. The operating lines come forward over the aft cabin.

Hallberg Rassy 36 "Skylla" - Holyhead, England.The operating lines clear the port winch as they turn inward to the wheel.

Westerly Ocean Lord 41 "Io" - Portsmouth, England. A clean operating line run, using only two blocks. Note the custom bracket for the forward block.

Norseman 447 "Dreamtime" - Juneau, Alaska

Norseman 447 "Dreamtime" - Juneau, Alaska

Norseman 447 ""Aquarius" - Seattle, Washington

Norseman 447 ""Aquarius" - Seattle, Washington