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BIG BOATS - How big a boat can a Monitor handle?

Frankly, we're not sure. An auxiliary-rudder selfsteering system has installation limits based on its rudder size. A servopendulum system steers with the boats own rudder, so its limitations are based on the boat steering system - how much wheel movement is needed to steer the boat - and the physical size of the transom - whether or not a Monitor can be mounted on it and still reach the water when the airvane is high enough to catch air. The photos below are just a sample of the many over-50-foot installations done. There's even rumored to be a 72-footer out there with a Monitor on it - can anyone give us any information?

Sundeer 64 "Theta Volantis" - Road Harbor, British Virgin Islands. See the article by Brian Savage & Colleen Ryan, Sundeer 64 "Theta Volantis" - Yachting World, January 2000, Part 1 of 2 and Part 2 of 2.

Sundeer 60 "Dutch Touch" - Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Bristol 53.3 "Sea Gem" - Annapolis, Maryland

Beneteau 51 "Kookaburra" - West Sound, Washington

Jeanneau 52 - "Polonaise II", now in Richmond, California

Morgan 54 "Irene II" - Treasure Island, California

Roberts 54 "Northern Dream - North Pole, Alaska

Roberts 54 "Northern Dream - North Pole, Alaska