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INSTALLATION AND MANUAL - Where do I get instructions for installation and operation? Do I have to haul my boat? Does a yard have to do it?

We estimate that over 95% of Monitor purchasers install their own units. We supply a comprehensive installation and operation manual which can be viewed on our website. It has a step-by-step installation procedure for a typical mount, and any additional mounting information needed would be on the supplied mounting drawing for your specific boat.

We have thousands of drawings on file, but if the mount for your boat isn't among them we would design a mount to suit at no additional cost - the Monitor mount, and, if necessary, the design and drawing is included in the price of a Monitor. We would work with you to get the appropriate dimensions needed, and we'd send out a drawing for approval before shipping a Monitor.

We recommend that a Monitor be installed while a boat is in the water - the unit can be adjusted to get the correct mounting height in relation to load waterline, and it's far easier to back the boat into a slip and work off the dock instead of from scaffolding. Some boat owners do elect to have a yard do the installation, but we advise close supervision of the process - we've seen Monitors put on "the way the yard guy knew it should go" instead of "what it says in the instructions"!