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LOCAL DEALERSHIPS - Do you have a chain of local dealerships I can order from?

Scanmar manufactures its windvanes at our facility in Richmond, California, and we sell factory-direct. We ship all over the world. The cost of maintaining a stock of units and parts at a chain of representatives would drive prices much higher. It's far cheaper for our customers to pay for shipping instead of a significantly higher unit cost if middlemen were being supported by part of the pricing.

In addition to the cost factor, there's the question of expertise. We have an almost 30-year old database of windvane mounting drawings and photographs at hand, and we can send them anywhere instantly by fax and e-mail. Our staff is dedicated to designing the right mount for the right windvane for your boat. Our customer records ensure that you get the correct advice and parts for your exact model and year windvane - something a local chandlery could not possibly supply. (See the question about "Customer Service")