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SCOOP TRANSOM - My boat has a scoop transom with steps and a platform. Can I install a Monitor and still use the platform?

The answer is "Yes", and there are two ways to go about it.

First, consider what type of sailing you're planning to do. If you're contemplating long passages with stops between legs, realize that you're not going to be using the platform very much when at sea. The answer, then, is to install a Monitor with a standard mount (included in the Monitor price), and use it while you're sailing. When you reach your destination, you can unship the Monitor and its mounting tubes by removing the four bolts holding the tubes to the brackets mounted on the transom. (It's a bit more work than the "single bolt" holding on one of our competitor's units, but the four-point suspension is far stronger and distributes the load over a larger area). The Monitor can then be stored on deck.

If you're going to be island-hopping, the answer would be our optional Swing-Gate mount. The entire Monitor and its mounting assembly can swing aside for quick access to the central walkthrough and swim platform.

Monitors and Scoop Transoms

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Saga 43 - unknown boat name, Mooloolaba, Australia

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