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UNSHIPPING A MONITOR - I want to store my Monitor off the boat. How do I go about it?

A Monitor is mounted by means of four mounting tubes attached to four transom-mounted brackets. The spacing of the brackets makes for an extremely strong mount which will take the load of a person - a welcome safety measure if you go overboard & do not have a ladder down! At the same time, the brackets allow the Monitor to be easily removed for storage.

After unshipping the airvane and the paddle/hinge assembly, a tackle or halliard can be set up to the Monitor for safety - the complete mount weighs only about 55 lbs, but it's easier to handle with a purchase taking the load. The four bolts holding the tubes to the brackets can then be undone, allowing the entire unit to be lifted off the stern. The brackets remain on the transom.

If storage space is at a premium, the mounting tubes can be removed from the Monitor frame - mark them with colored tape or a permanent marker so the parts won't get swapped during installation.