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STERN ARCH - I'd like to have a stern arch installed for my solar panels, radar & maybe a generator - can I still have a windvane?

Most likely, yes, particularly if you install a Monitor first. An arch can take many forms, and it's far easier to design one that clears the airvane swing than to tuck a windvane under an existing arch. That said, most arches are high enough to clear the airvane swing of an average Monitor installation.

If the boat has a reverse transom, it's all the better - the arch is naturally carried further forward from the Monitor mount. All the equipment usually mounted on top of an arch - solar panels, radar, wind generator, spare oars and boathooks (really, we've seen it) have no effect on the airflow below to the airvane.

In a few cases the arch is too low and/or there's just too much equipment already on the stern to fit a Monitor. In that case we would recommend our Auto-helm auxiliary rudder system, with the largest auxiliary rudder currently available - the rudder bolts onto the stern and the independently-mounted airvane mast can be fitted on the arch itself. The airvane operates the rudder though flexible stainless steel cables.

Monitors and Stern Arches

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