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FULL COCKPIT ENCLOSURES, WEATHERCLOTHS AND BIMINIS - I sail in the Pacific Northwest. I've rigged weather cloths (or even an enclosed canopy) around my aft cockpit. Won't this interfere with airflow to my windvane?

No. Consider that most likely you can get your boat to sail at best 30 degrees off the wind - you just can't get close enough to the wind to interfere with the wind flow to the Monitor airvane. We have many photos of boats set up just this way, and letters from the owners - see below. A plain vanilla bimini sunshade is even less of an issue - just the same as with horizontal solar panels, there's no interference with wind flow.

Monitors with Weather Cloths and Cockpit Enclosures

Endurance 35 "Blue An Teak" - Vancouver, British Columbia

Fuji 32 "Blue Fantasy" - San Francisco, California

Tayana 37 "Last Resort" - Seattle, Washington

Nordic 44 "Championship" - Washington, D.C.

Passport 47 "Riva" - home port unknown