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BOOMKIN - My boat has a boomkin - is that going to make it difficult to fit a windvane?

There are two basic types of fittings called "boomkins". On round-sterned boats like the Hans Christians, the boomkin is a stainless steel frame and railing with a teak grating extending from the stern. It usually does not carry the backstay, and it's often used for additional storage and as a "sittin' spot". On boats with outboard rudders such as the Westsail 32 and Bristol Channel Cutter the boomkin is a frame, usually of wood, extending aft of the rudderhead. It often carries the backstay and is braced by bobstays.

We've designed Monitor mounts to fit both types of boomkin for many different boats. We have custom-made upper mounting tubes with welded-on flanges pre-made for the very popular Westsail 32 - there have been over 115 Monitors mounted on this boat! On some of the Hans Christian types the Monitor is sometimes fitted inside the boomkin frame after removal or modification of the grating. Loss of some storage space is a small sacrifice when compared to fitting a solid Monitor mount.

Monitors and Boomkins

Bristol Channel Cutter "Aloha" - Annapolis, Maryland

Hans Christian 38T "Kodoku" - Long Beach, California

Rafiki 37 "Tranquility" - Portland, Oregon

Westsail 32 "Sundowner" - Norfolk, Virginia

Union 36 "Chief Priority" - San Francisco, California