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CAN I USE A MONITOR ON A CATAMARAN? I've seen articles that state that a windvane won't work on one!

Several years ago the accepted opinion was that a windvane - any windvane - could not work on a catamaran. This came about after attempts to fit windvane selfsteering on fast racing catamarans failed. What was overlooked was the fact that a windvane will fail to function on any racing boat, mono- or multi-hull, if it's capable of achieving speeds at which the apparent wind falls to near zero. Cruising catamarans, even fast ones, do not usually achieve such speeds, so they are prime candidates for using windvanes. They have the additional advantage of greater leeway in how a windvane can be mounted.

The standard position on boat centerline can be done, fitting the windvane on the after edge of the bridge deck. However, since a catamaran does not heel to any appreciable amount, the general rule against mounting a windvane off boat centerline can be ignored. If there isn't a house-trailer-sized deckhouse that will interfere with windflow when on a close reach, the windvane can be mounted off on one hull transom. This leaves the other hull transom free for access use, and the central portion of the bridge deck can fit davits for dinghy storage. We have representative photos of both types of installations.

Monitors on Catamarans


Aeromar Indiana 41 "Halakwulup" - Brazil. Monitor on port transom

Aeromar Indiana 41 "Halakwulup"

"Vite Vite" - Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Prout Sirocco 26 "Doublet of Dale" - United Kingdom. A Monitor centerline mount on a small catamaran.

Prout Snowgoose 34 " "Lady Bird" - United Kingdom. A Monitor centerline mount.

Prout Snowgoose 34 "Lady Bird" - United Kingdom.Operating lines run to wheel.

Seawind 1000 "Osprey" - Florida. Monitor on starboard transom.

Wharram 36 "Vovoka Ano" - San Francisco, California; a centerline mount.

Boats with a 'scoop' transom that has a central walkthrough and/or drop-down ladder can retain sue of these featurees by using our optional Swing-Gate Monitor installation. Information about the Swing-Gate mount is on our website at