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OPERATING LINE SETUP - I do not want lines in the cockpit. Why not get a system without lines?

The AUTO-HELM and the SAYE'S RIG work very well and have no lines. However when you look at the entire picture the Monitor is often the better gear for a particular boat. Lines in the cockpit do not seem to bother sailors that have used the Monitor for a while since the vane is doing all the steering and little time has to be spent at the wheel.

Normally both lines go to one side, either starboard or port. They can also go along the cockpit floor and come up along the pedestal to the wheel adaptor. Some boats with tiller steering modify their tiller so it can be flipped backwards and when the Monitor is steering the tiller is facing aft. With a quick release it can be converted to a normal tiller. There is no reason to sit at the helmsman's seat except when you engage the vane. Once the Monitor is steering you will find that there are a lot more comfortable places to relax than at the helmsman's seat. You can sit under the dodger, rest in your bunk, cook, sit on fore deck, be at the chart table or at any other comfortable place since you are more or less off watch.

We strongly recommend a quick release arrangement so the lines can be removed when you are in port or at anchor and the cockpit is used for entertainment.

Operating Line Arrangements

Kanter 48 "Trinity", San Francisco, California - a typical operating line installation.

Peterson 44 "Scorpido" - Seattle, Washington. The quick-release/adjusting knots are clearly seen.

Maric 46 "Araben" - home port unknown. The Monitor sits on a scoop platform; the operating lines come up over the coaming and are led to clear the winches.

Mason 36 "Eric II" - San Francisco, California. A yawl rig - the wheel is forward of the mizzen mast. Still, only two double blocks are needed for the operating lines.

C&C 35 "Odin IV" - home port unknown. The operating lines are led down to the cockpit sole, forward, and up to the wheel adapter.