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MONITOR DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION - The mounting system of the Monitor has been likened to an oil rig! Why is it so substantial?

Like the oil rigs in the North Sea the Monitor can survive storms year after year without failing so we take this as a compliment. The weight of the Monitor is only 52 pounds because we use thin wall, large diameter 316L stainless steel tubing to achieve superb strength in combination with light weight. The entire mounting system is custom designed for each boat by the factory and included in the price. The strength of the Monitor mounting makes it possible to use as emergency boarding access (just climb up it!) and also as a true emergency rudder with our MRUD (pronounced "Em-rud").

The optional MRUD is a larger rudder that can replace the servo paddle if the boats main rudder is lost. As far as we know, the Monitor is the only servo-pendulum windvane that has a true, proven emergency rudder system. It is the incredibly strong mounting system that makes this possible.

The Monitor is mounted using four mounting brackets on the transom (or transom and deck), distributing the load to areas close to the strong transom-deck-hull joints. Several competitors use an "easy-to-install' single mounting bracket, which sits in the middle of the transom, which often is not strongly reinforced. We design each Monitor mount to be strong enough to carry a person's weight - in an overboard emergency, you can climb back onto your boat using the top of the Monitor paddle as a step, and the Monitor frame as hand-holds.

The Monitor also has a pendulum guard to protect the gear from collision damage. No other windvane has this feature. To a sailor who has seen his Monitor steering for days through a gale his "oil rig" looks very beautiful, strong and safe. "The more it blows, the better it looks!"

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