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MONITOR PRICE - What's included in the Monitor price?

When you compare prices you have to look at the complete price of an installed unit. The list price of a Monitor includes a complete custom fabricated mounting system that is ready to bolt on the boat, two airvanes (large and small), a spare safety tube, all necessary hardware for an installation, and a comprehensive installation and operation manual. The wheel adapter and tiller adapter are sold separately, and there's a spare parts kit available. There's no complicated set of special mounting brackets or different windvane sizes to have to choose from. The only parts we do not supply are the blocks needed to run the operating lines from the Monitor to the steering adapter - there's too much variation in installation possibilities and owner's equipment preferences. Again, our manual gives complete installation guidelines. 95% of Monitors are owner installed following the manual instructions, avoiding extra yard and installation costs, and providing professional results.

Another windvane currently on the market is sold at a somewhat lower initial price. An installer has told us that a 3-1/2 inch hole had to be drilled in the middle of the transom, and in order to support the single(!!) mounting tube, four pads ("should have been six pads") had to be glassed in for the supporting tubes. It took a professional rigger four days to get the gear installed and the installation cost turned out to almost match the purchase price of the unit. The lazarette was filled with the steering apparatus and all storage space was lost.