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MONITOR SPARE PARTS KIT - You recommend buying the spare parts kit. Should I expect to have to repair my Monitor?

Not really, we have many examples of Monitors making complete circumnavigations without the owner touching the spare parts kit. However, preparation can turn a major difficulty into a minor one. There is an extensive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair section in the Monitor manual just in case a problem should arise. Together with the manual, the spare parts kit and regular hand tools any normal sailor can completely disassemble and reassemble the Monitor. The spares kit contains replacements for parts that would show wear after extensive use, and many small, hard-to-find replacement parts - bearings, bushings, spring clips, etc.

As any experienced sailor would agree, being prepared for any eventuality at sea is basic seamanship and common sense. We sell the spares kit at a loss - it's only $195.00, and contains over $295.00 worth of parts - because we believe that an offshore sailor should be prepared for any contingency.