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PADDLE ENGAGEMENT & DISENGAGEMENT - How do you take up and put down the Monitor servo paddle?

A servopendulum system's paddle should always be raised when the unit is not in use, and the Monitor's is easily operated remotely. A latch release line and a pull up/safety line for the water paddle are run forward into the cockpit. From the safety of the steering position the paddle can be easily raised, whether you are at anchor or sailing full speed. To put the paddle down you simply release the pull up line and the paddle will drop and lock into position.

If you want to lower the paddle when the boat is doing more than 4-5 knots the water flow might prevent the latch from locking. If that happens you simply luff the boat a bit and lose some speed, drop the paddle again, and fall off to your original course. This is a very safe maneuver. Some other vanes cannot take the servo paddle up at all, others can do it with difficulty, and the paddle of one competitor's windvane regularly comes off its pivot shaft when raised!