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LIGHT AIR EFFICIENCY - Can you comment on light air performance?

Self-steering in light air is very difficult and many windvanes fail the test. The Monitor has superb light air performance because it has two sets of delrin ball bearings in stainless steel races in the air vane pivot. The pinion and ring gear have two sets of delrin roller bearings each. There are also delrin bearings in the actuator shaft connection from the air vane to gear set. Monitor bearings should NOT be lubricated because the grease will gum up the bearings and cause poor performance in light wind. Most other manufacturers use bushings rather than expensive ball and roller bearing systems. One competitor's windvane has to be lubricated on a DAILY BASIS when being used in order to function properly!

In light air conditions we also recommend using the larger of our two airvanes (one of each is supplied with every Monitor). The larger size is as necessary for a windvane as for a sail to perform in light air. The size of the airvane coupled with all the delrin bearings makes it possible for the airvane to turn the water paddle in extremely light wind. In our free DVD we have some excellent footage showing the Monitor and a wind generator on a boat. The Monitor airvane is working all the time, but the wind generator is only sporadically rotating.