Circumnavigator Stuart MacDonald's book and blog now available!

"Beyond" made it back home to Scotland last August, after her four year, 43500 mile circumnavigation.
Stuart MacDonald has created a blog, "Voyaging Practicalities", which will cover all the practical aspects of the trip, including boat preparation and self-steering gear. Visit his website and blog here:

He has also written a book about his voyage. It is titled The Long Way Home. Look for it on Amazon!



It's a solo sailor's nightmare - going overboard and watching the boat sailing away.....sailor and Author Tor Pinney has given it a lot of thought and has worked out a system that could save your life. It's fully described in the section Last Chance Tripline on his website.

Gurus, Sailing Masters and Writers

Webb Chiles - author, circumnavigator, & adventurer. Opinions about him vary, but he's a helluvan entertaining writer. His website tells it all.


Tony Gooch did a non-stop solo circumnavigation, as well as a LOT of other sailing. His website is

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander - call him 'minimalist sailor', 'sea gypsy', 'salt-water hippie' - whatever - just read his books. You won't regret it. His website is
"I'm a notoriously cheap sailor who sails around the world on the pennies that Scotsmen throw away - and my Monitor is the best money I've ever spent! It has worked flawless for more than 9 years and 70,000 ocean miles. I couldn't be more pleased."

Tom and Vicky Jackson are 'round the world cruisers, classic boat racers, and writers - their well-written and illustrated website is at

Tor Pinney is a cruising sailor, delivery captain, charter skipper and author. His website is

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Folks that are out there doing it!

In 2009 Marc Stadthaus bought Robby Robinson's well-known Burns 35 "Rolling Stone" (the 'poster boat' on our home page). His website chronicling his and Rolling Stone's ongoing adventures is at

Writings from the travels of Bruce and Alene aboard s/v Migration, a 46' Cross Trimaran, can be found here.

Marci and Joseph Paravia have been living & cruising in their Hans Christian 38T "Horizon" for over 10 years now. Their website is They have video clips & a host of photos.

John and Ann Thorp are currently sailing their Vancouver 36 "Moonlight" to the Caribbean - it's not their first voyage, by any means. Their well-illustrated website is at They've got video clips of their Monitor 'Monty' steering.

Across the Big Pond, Graham Rabbitts is sailing his Rustler 36 "Ariadne" around Britain, Ireland and environs. He's got an interesting site with lots of good information; you can get to it here.

Genuino Madruga installed his Monitor in 2006, in Horta, the Azores. As of September of 2007 he's made it to the Cape Verde Islands on his way on what we think is an open-ended voyage - we can't tell; his website is in Portuguese.

Casey McNeese, Matt Smith and Jeff Stewart have just completed their circumnavigation on their Lafitte 44 "Sohcahtoa". Their extensive website, complete with photos and videos, is

Peter and Antonia Murphy, sailing the Pacific (right now) on their Mariner 36 - they're having so much fun it should be illegal. Go to; we can say no more.

Natasza Caban is a young Polish woman who's preparing her S&S 34 for a solo cirumnavigation, beginning and ending in Hawaii. Her website is Click on "EN" in the upper right corner for english.

Keith White is preparing his Hanse 400 for a true single-handed navigation - he lost the use of one arm in an accident. You can follow his preparations & eventual voyage at

Jack van Ommen has just completed his 2-1/2-year circumnavigation with is Naja 30 "Fleetwood". His website, with links to extensive photo galleries, is Sailing's not over for Jack - he has plans to continue on to Holland next year.

Anne Brevig and Martin Vennesland are back in Norway after their 9-year 'round the world voyage. Their website is Anne's book, "9 Years on the 7 Seas", has been given the Northwest Yachting Editor's Choice Award for 2007.

Ardell Lien is a heart and kidney transplant recipient who has just completed a solo circumnavigation, Hawaii-to-Hawaii. Read more about him in our "News" section and at this website.

Sailors Pamela Habek and Scott Duncan are well on their way on their circumnavigation. Both sailors have very limited vision and are considered legally blind. Follow their voyage, designed to draw attention to the abilites and potential of those considered handicapped, on their website. Their boat, the Valiant 32 "Tournesol", is fitted with a Monitor.

Greg and Jill Delezynski have been cruising the Sea of Cortez in their Nor'Sea 27 "Guenevere". Their website is

Richard Rollins is a local San Francisco Bay area sailor who's preparing his Pearson 323 for cruising. His website is

Ben Eriksen's blog can be found at He's a liveaboard on a Nor'Sea 27.

Good places to know about

Port Townsend Rigging in Port Townsend, Washington is a reputable yard that has done a number of Monitor installations for satisfied customers. If you're in the Pacific Northwest they're worth finding. See their website at

Information sources

NauticExpo A comprehensive sailing equipment database.

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Sailing magazine websites

(Quoted descriptions are taken from International Boat Industry Boating Media Guide, 2006 or the publication's website - the rest are ours)

48 North The Pacific Northwest sailing magazine - free local distribution.

Blue Water Sailing is "for experienced sailors and boat owners. In-depth reviews of bluewater boats, wordwide charter/sailing schools. Rallies and races around the world. The latest news from the cruising world front, seamanship articles designed for coastal and offshore sailing."

BoatWorks is "written for owners of classic boats of the 1960's through to the 1990's who enjoy improving and maintaining their boats. Each issue is packed with ideas, projects and tips for the hands-on sailor. Readers will find lavishly illustrated, step-by-step DIY project guides with authoritative advice on various aspects of boat maintenance, repair and upgrades."

Cruising Compass is a free weekly newsletter digest of news, notes, stories and reviews from the editors of Blue Water Sailing magazine.

Cruising Outpost "The staff and family of Cruising Outpost have been living the sailing lifestyle for more years than most want to admit. Well over 100 years and a half-million miles of sea time are represented in the pages of Cruising Outpost."

Cruising World "addresses the dedicated and experienced sailor with a keen interest in exploring the world's coastlines and oceans while cruising under sail. Cruising World provides content containing stirring real-life adventure features, practical information on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation, and boat handling, plus boat reviews and coverage of gear and equipment, electronics and chartering."

Good Old Boat's "focus is on sailors doing their own maintenance on boats built in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. They provide information about upgrading, maintaining, and restoring these boats. They encourage pride of ownersip and remind sailors of the reasons for doing this work: the joy of sailing and the ability to own a sailboat without making a half-million-dollar investment."

Latitude 38 This is THE magazine for northern California sailors! It's also free! Their "'Lectonic Latitude" section of their website is an always an interesting collection of news, stories and infornation - check it out! "Latitude 38" is delivered around the first of each month to many distribution points in the San Francisco bay area, including our office/factory at 432 South First Street, Richmond, California. If you're in the area, stop in - we have back issues, too.

The Log "The leader in California boating and fishing news....Gives updates on regulatory environment, how-to and where-to articles from top experts."

Multihulls World The name says it all. Catamarans, trimarans, proas, five-hulled Martian sandsleds, everything exotic.

Ocean Navigator "Ocean voyaging, navigation and seamanship for yachtsmen in the US; editorial sections include marine electronics, weather, electrical and mechanical systems, and editorial focus is on needs of owners of sailboats and trawlers 36ft and over."

På-Kryss & Till Rors (Sweden) "Power cruisers, sailboats, equipment, boating pursuits, charter and bluewater sailing."

Points East "Stories and photos of pleasure-boating (sail and power, racing and cruising) in New England."

Practical Boat Owner (United Kingdom) "Britain's biggest selling yachting magazine, with the widest coverage and the largest market share. Its blend of autoritative, in-depth information and no-nonsense consumer advice appeals to owners of almost every kind of boat."

Sail "Whether it's cruising, racing, or lifestyle, our mission is to inspire, educate, and entertain sailors of all kinds. Sail's scope is enormous: We cover trailer-sailing and Grand Prix ocean racing; coastal cruising and blue-water cruising; multihulls and monohulls; daysailing and living aboard; one-design racing and dinghy sailing. We also cover the practical considerations of choosing, running, and maintaining sailboats, gear and equipment."

Sailing Today "Britain's youngest yachting magazine; entertaining and informative, expert advice, boat reviews plus all the latest gear tested on water, practical and technical features - all from the sailor's point of view."

Segeln is a German sailing magazine.

Segling (Sweden) "Sailing yachts, sailing dinghies, sailboards, charter holidays, yacht racing and cruising, equipment. The only Swedish boating magazine exclusively aimed at sailing."

Soundings "Regional editions cover news of recreational power and sailboating. Extensive listings of boats for sale and waterfront real estate."

SpinSheet is a monthly print magazine focusing on Chesapeake Bay sailing. SpinSheet is distributed for free at more than 690 points along the mid-Atlantic coast and beyond.

Waterkampioen is a Dutch boating magazine with a 50,000-reader circulation.

Yacht (Germany) "Europe's largest sailing magazine with descriptions of the most beautiful sailing areas near and far, test & technology, tips and tricks to sailing technique and tactics, seamanship and information on the major sailing events."

Yachting Monthly "The cruising yachtsman's bible, read by family cruisers, adventure cruisers and bluewater sailors. Specializes in sailing stories from UK homewaters as well as the world's oceans. Plus expert writers on new and secondhand boats, tests on the latest gear and articles on seamanship and sailing skills."

Yachting World "Global race reports and analysis from leading regattas, moderna and classic. Critical boat reports, ocean cruising, the world of superyachting and in-depth equipment assessment."