Auto-Helm Parts

Autohelm Parts Diagram 1 — Airvane Assembly

Autohelm Parts Diagram 2 — Mast and Base Assembly

Autohelm Parts Diagram 3 — Rudder Assembly

Autohelm Parts Diagram 4 — Mounting Components

Autohelm Parts Diagram 5 — Pre-2008 Mounting Components

Part No.PartQty. in an Auto-HelmQty. in Spare Parts KitPrice


V1.1Airvane Blade, Right$140.00
V1.2Airvane Blade, Left$140.00
V2Airvane Spacer Tube42$9.00
V3Aluminum Spacer Bolt42$3.00
V3.1Airvane Reefing Knob1$12.00
V4Aluminum Lock Nut42$1.50
V5Nylon Spacer Washer8$0.50
V6Counterweight Assembly$225.00
V6.4Counterweight Bushing22$14.00
V9Cable Block Thumbscrew2$5.00
V13Cable Block Assembly22$38.00
V16Counterweight Bolt$48.00
V20Complete Airvane Assembly With Counterweight$895.00
V20.1Airvane Assembly Only1$375.00

Mast and Base

B3Mast Bushing2$29.00
B4Mast Bushing Spring Pin42$0.75
B6Locking Pin$24.00
B6.1Locking Pin Lanyard$7.50
B7Cotter Ring22$1.50
B86Cable Set [one pair, 6' outer cover length, 7' wire]1$120.00
B8.1S.S. Cable, per foot$2.50
B8.2Inner Teflon Tubing, per foot$2.50
B8.3Outer Vinyl Tubing, per foot$2.50
B8.5Trim Tab Shackle2$9.00
B9Cable Clamp Assembly22$8.50
B10Brake Pad$10.00
B11Brake Knob$15.00
B12Brake Plate$14.00
B13Tiller Ring$25.00
B14Tiller Arm Assembly including lanyard and two nuts$19.00
B15Tiller Arm Set Screw21$0.75
B16Tiller Limitation Bolt Assembly$3.50
B18Tiller Limitation Lanyard$7.50
B19Adjusting Pulley including three bolts 10-24 X 3/4"$69.00
B20Complete Mast and Base Assembly$1100.00
B89Cable Set [one pair, 9' outer cover length, 10' wire]$180.00
B812Cable Set [one pair, 12' outer cover length, 13' wire]$240.00

Miscellaneous Hardware (all stainless steel unless otherwise noted)

#10-24 Nut$0.50
B16.11/4"-20 X 3/4" bolt$1.25
V101/4" -20 X 1-1/2" bolt$1.25
V3.21/4"20 x 2-1/2" Bolt$2.50
1/4"-20 x 3-1/2" Bolt$2.50
R3.71/4" -20 X 4" bolt$3.00
V10.11/4"-20 Nut$1.25
V3.31/4" Washer$0.25
V10.21/4" Lockwasher$0.25
V51/4" Nylon washer $0.50
R3.33/8" -16 X 3-1/2" bolt$3.00
R4.33/8"-16 x 5" Bolt$7.00
B14.33/8"-16 Nut$0.75
R3.53/8" Washer$0.50
T5.13/8" Lockwasher$0.50
V171/2"-20 Thin Lock Nut$3.00
7.31/2" Thin Washer$0.50
13#10 Lockwasher$0.25
14#10-32 Nut$0.50
381/4" Washer, 11/16" O.D.$0.50
561/2"-20 Thin Nut$3.00
635/16" Lockwasher$0.25
72#10-32 x 1 with lockwasher and nut$2.50
77#10-24 x 3/4" bolt$0.75
84.95/16" Fender Washer $1.50

Mounting Components

T1Mounting Tubes, stainless steel - per inch$4.50
T2Single Casting, stainless steel - with setscrew$165.00
T3Double Casting, stainless steel - with setscrew$209.00
T4Hull Mounting Bracket, with 5/16" hardware ('L'-bracket, 2007 and earlier)$35.00
T6Rail Mounting Bracket for Mast$95.00
T7Mounting Tube/Bracket Bolt, Lockwasher, Nut & Compression Tube$8.00
T8Hull Mounting Bracket, with 3/8" hardware ('U'-bracket, 2008 on)$75.00
T53/8"-16 X 2" All-Thread Bolt for Hull Brackets$3.00


A1Installation & Maintenance Manual + Parts Diagrams$20.00
A2Spare Parts kit$195.00


R1Rudder Blank$1550.00
R2Trim Tab Blank$450.00
R3Upper Rudder Gudgeon$175.00
R4Lower Rudder Gudgeon$175.00
R5Trim Tab Gudgeon Block2$29.00
R6Trim Tab Gudgeon Assembly [complete]2$44.00
R7Fairlead Bracket Assembly2$22.00
R8Trim Tab Control Arm Assembly$55.00
R9Trim Tab Bushing1$7.00
R10Rudder Bushing2$47.00
R12Outer Rudder Tube 22-3/4$102.00
R13Inner Rudder Tube 25-1/2$77.00
R16Rudder Centering Line 120"2$17.50
R16.1Rudder Centering Eye Assembly$35.00
R17Complete Rudder Assembly$2650.00