Monitor Windvane

Monitor Windvane

Mounting Specifications

The basic Monitor unit comes in one size only. To accommodate different boats we change the mounting tubes and the length of the safety tube. Safety tubes are sized in two inch increments from minus 2 to plus 8. The minus 2 tubes are only used on smaller boats under 30ft. Larger boats (45 to 50ft LOA) often need the longer tubes not only because of higher free board, but also because of the increased power that a longer pendulum develops.

In general, the waterline should be located with six inches of the paddle sticking out when the boat is at the dock. The boat should be loaded for cruising with full water and fuel tanks plus all supplies. The water line can be estimated by the factory if the boat is empty when the Monitor is being ordered. When in doubt, always mount the Monitor on the high side. We can always change the safety tube and we would rather supply a longer safety tube than a shorter one which would give the Monitor less power. For looks and practicality, we recommend the mounting to be as close as possible, but there must still be room for the airvane and counter weight to swing.

Scanmar will provide you with an installation drawing for your boat. Together with the manual you should have no problem to mount and use the Monitor.

 Dimension inches mm
A. Standard Airvane 37 940
Light air vane 45 1143
Mizzen air vane 26 660
B. Pinion Gearing 23-1/2 597
C. Varies with length of safety tube
- 2 40 1016
Standard length 42 1067
+ 2 44 1118
+ 4 46 1168
+ 6 48 1219
+ 8 50 1270
D. watervane with 6" out of the water 18 457
E. center of upper mounting tubes 15 381
F. center of leg to center of leg-at bottom 23-1/2 597

Drawings for your boat

We have thousands of installation drawings on file. We advise you to check with us first to see if we already have information on your boat. It is quite possible that we have an installation drawing and even photos from a sister ship. In the event that we do not, you have to complete and return the Monitor questionnaire. With this information we will be able to design the mounting system and give you our recommendation. Keep in mind that the custom designed and fabricated mounting system is included in the price. For boats with canoe sterns, boomkins, outboard rudders etc., we have special questionnaires to provide us with the additional information that we require. Drawings, sketches and photos are always welcome. More information is better than less.

Install well before your cruise...not at the last minute.

Now that you are aware of the many considerations involved when installing a windvane self-steering system, you will appreciate the need to place the windvane at the top of your "shopping" list! A long shake down period is always desirable before a major cruise. With a Monitor doing the steering at an early stage of your preparation period, you will enjoy the sailing more and your confidence and knowledge about self-steering will increase. You will also get more time to learn all the other new equipment on your boat. BBQs, radar antennas, solar panels, swim ladders, radar arches, outboard brackets, autopilots etc., can all be installed at some future date. The windvane has to have pride of position and everything else can usually be accommodated around it. It also makes good sense to be totally familiar with this most important piece of equipment before you set sail on your first ocean passage. Install the gear well in advance of your departure date.

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