Monitor Windvane

Monitor Windvane

Boats With Wheel Steering

The Monitor is designed to work with any well designed mechanical steering system with less than four turns lock to lock. Cable and quadrant, rack and pinion and worm gears are the most common. With more than four turns, a complicated block system in the lines from the Monitor to the wheel is required. This would give more movement at the wheel. In general, we do not recommend such a system because of increased friction and complexity.

The pendulum lines are connected to the Monitor wheel adapter, which is made in stainless steel and designed to fit wheels with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 spokes of any diameter. It will fit on either side of the wheel. If it is mounted on the inside, it is out of the way and hardly noticeable.

If the boat has a cockpit mounted autopilot, the Monitor wheel adapter normally goes on the outside. The drum is 1-3/4" (44mm) deep and has a diameter of 7 inches (18 cm). The pendulum lines, which are included, are wrapped around the wheel adapter. The adapter has a non slip clutch with a split second release which is engaged when the Monitor steers and disengages when you want to steer manually.

A servo-pendulum gear like the Monitor cannot be connected to the wheel if the boat has hydraulic steering. The reason: there is slippage in the hydraulic and often too many turns lock to lock. With a bypass system on the hydraulic pump, the lines can be led directly to a permanent emergency tiller on deck and the tiller can face either backwards or forwards. Such a system is excellent provided that it does not interfere with the interior layout of the boat. (Scanmar's SAYE'S RIG is often the best windvane for large, midship cockpit boats with hydraulic steering.)

Boats with tiller steering

With a tiller steered boat the tiller can face forwards or backwards to gain more space in the cockpit. A small stainless steel plate is attached to the tiller 20–30 inches from the rudder shaft.

It normally is attached on the bottom side of the tiller. It can be done with large wood screws or through bolted. Wrap around stainless steel ties are also enclosed for the person who does not want to drill holes in the tiller. The plate has a jaw which is designed to accept the links on the stainless steel chain. The chain is tied to the starboard pendulum line on one side and to the port line on the other. The reason for the chain is that it is very easy to adjust for trim by moving to the next link without undoing any lines. When the Monitor is disengaged you simply pull the chain out of the jaw and let it hang under the tiller.

Lines in Cockpit