From Our Customers

Here are links to a few of the letters we have received. Many more letters can be found in the Boats and Photos section, filed under boat type.

Letters about
Monitor Windvane
All stainless steel servo-pendulum gear

Letters about
Auxiliary rudder with a trim tab

Letter about
Saye's Rig
Trim tab on the main rudder

Our Famous Customers

If you read sailing magazines and books you have probably read about our company and our products more than once. Here is a partial list of well-known sailors who have used our equipment through the years. We are proud to have been involved in their remarkable achievements, which are only listed in part.


Tania Aebi Author, youngest female single-handed circumnavigator. See photos of her boat, "Varuna", on the Contessa 26 page.


Rolf Bjelke/Deborah Shapiro Authors - famous for sailing to Antarctica and intentionally staying for the winter. Go directly to photos of "Northern Light" here.

Bernadette Brennan-Bernon Author, editor Cruising World

Anne Brevig and Martin Vennesland Anne and Martin are live-aboards, and their book title says it all about their leisurely circiumnavigation.

Nigel Calder Author and lecturer, recognized as the boat electrical systems guru, having published many books on the subject. He has purchased two Monitors from us - for his Crealock 40 "Nada", and for his Malo 45.

Brian Caldwell Youngest solo circumnavigator - he sailed a Contessa 26 - photos are on that page, along with those of Tania Aebi's boat.

Wayne Carpenter Author

Michael Carr Author - photos of his Graf-designed custom 45 "Veracity" are in our database.

Webb Chiles Author, multiple circumnavigations - we have photos of "The Hawke of Tuonela". His website is in the present

David Clark Oldest single-handed circumnavigator (?) at 78. His 44-foot steel sloop "Mollie Millar" had a Monitor, as did his second boat, "Mickey".

Robin Davie BOC, Around Alone, OSTAR etc. We have photos of his Bergstrom custom 40 "Global Exposure".

Hank Dekker Blind single-hander, San Francisco to Hawaii twice. We have photos of his Seafarer Meridian 25 "Dark Star" and his Laser 28 "Outta Sight".

Andre Homem de Mello Author and first Brazilian to circumnavigate. His website is - he has video clips of his Monitor steering.

Tony Gooch Single-handed non-stop circumnavigator, from & to Victoria, British Columbia. Read his Cruising World article on windvanes vs. autopilots and see photos of his boat "Taonui". He is also featured in our latest free Windvane DVD - see details on our home page.

Cap'n Fatty Goodlander Lifelong sailor & writer - entertaining and outrageous. Read his books! His website is

Alice Hager Non-stop single-handed voyage, San Francisco to Japan at age 63. See photos of her boat "Perseverance" on the Folkboat page.

Josh Hall BOC, Around Alone, Vendee Globe etc.

Mary Harper Oldest woman crossing the Atlantic single-handed, at age 79

Kyoko Imakiire Single-handed, Japan-San Francisco-Japan. Photos of "Kairen Tarachine" are in our database.

Tom and Vicky Jackson 'Round the world cruisers, classic boat racers, and writers - their well-written and illustrated website is at We have photos of their Monitor fitted to their S&S 40 'Sunstone'.

John Kretschmer Author, Cape Horner

Beth Leonard Author and circumnavigator. We have a quote from an article by Leonard & Starzinger on the Shannon 37 page.

Dr. David Lewis Author, one of the "original five" in OSTAR. See a letter from him, and an article about him, here. "Gryphon" is still sailing in Hawaiian waters, under a new owner and with a new Monitor.

Ardell Lien Ardell, now 71 years old, completed a circumnavigation after receiving a heart and kidney transplant. On August 29, 2006 Ardell and his Nor'Sea 27 "Catalyst" arrived at the Waikiki Yacht Club in Hawaii, which he left on June 17, 2005, completing his circumnavigation in less than 15 months. You can learn about Ardell's voyage on his website

Hugh Mariott Author

Dave and Jaja Martin Authors and long-time family cruisers (three children!). Download their article "Setting Priorities" as a PDF file here. Additional photos of the Martin family and their boats can be found on the Cal 25 and Chatham 33 pages.

Don McIntyre BOC

Joe Minick Contributor, Cruising World. You'll find photos of his boat "Southern Cross" on our Mason 43/44 page.

Harry Mitchell OSTAR, BOC

John Neal Author/lecturer. A 1997 letter from John about his Monitor, and an update on his cruising/sailing career, can be found on the Hallberg Rassy 31 page.

Dan Newland Singlehanded Transpac

Linda Newland Single Handed Japan Race

Nick Nicholson Author, editor of Practical Sailor. Photos of his Saga 40 "Calypso" with her Monitor "Brave Ulysses" can be found on the Pape-Saga-Saltram 40 page.

Geoff Pack Author, editor of Yachting Monthly (U.K.). On the Valiant 37/39 - Esprit 37 page we have a postcard received from him during one of his races.

Neal Petersen Author, OSTAR, BOC Around Alone We have one photo of his OSTAR boat "Stella-R".

Bill Pinkney 1st African-American single-handed circumnavigation

Tor Pinney Cruising sailor, delivery captain, charter skipper and author.

Mike Plant BOC, Vendee Globe racer. We have photos of "Airco Distributor", his Roger Martin custom 50.

Bertie Reed BOC, Vendee Globe

Hal Roth Author & BOC racer - we have photos of his Santa Cruz 50 "Sebago".

Nigel Rowe Author, BOC, OSTAR. We have photos of "Piper Rising", his Oyster custom 41.

Minoru Saito BOC, Around Alone. Minoru has bought & fitted three Monitors to his boats - we have photos of the most recent,

Mark Schrader BOC, Around Alone. On the Valiant 40 page we have a letter from him from "Resourceful", and on the Valiant 47 page we have one from "Lone Star".

Andrew Simpson Author, editor of Practical Boat Owner (U.K.)

Clark Stede/Michelle Poncini NW Passage - circumnavigation of the Americas on "Asma".

Andy Urbanczyk Author, circumnavigator. See a paragraph about his VERY old Monitor on his Ericson 30.

Niah Vaughan BOC