Windvane vs. Autopilot

Types of Selfsteering Gear

Equipment for self-steering has been around for quite a few years, but sailors are still confused about what to buy. In general, three different types of gear are used.

To be a member of England's OCEAN CRUISING CLUB you must be an experienced blue water sailor. This means that you know how to sail in tough North Sea and North Atlantic conditions.

A recent survey taken among its members showed the following:

This is the message that SCANMAR INTERNATIONAL has also tried to convey since we started our company in 1977, following a six-year circumnavigation by the founder of the company.

The autopilot and windvane work well as a team, they each have their strong and complementary points.

Everyone claims that their system is best, but there is no "best" vane. It all depends on what boat the vane is going to steer. Our company manufactures three vanes, each using a different principle and suitable for different boats and steering systems.

Comparison Chart