Windvane vs. Autopilot

Your Boat: Which Gear?

Experienced blue water sailors agree that a well equipped cruising boat should have a wind vane. Everyone claims that their system is best, but there is no "best" vane. It all depends on what boat the vane is going to steer. Our company manufactures three vanes, each using a different principle and suitable for different boats and steering systems

Monitor Windvane

Monitor Windvane - All stainless steel servo-pendulum gear

This is the cruising gear preferred by many singlehanded racers as well as cruisers. The Monitor performed flawlessly in the most grueling and most challenging conditions in the 1994-95 BOC around-the-world races. In the 1994-95 BOC, seven of the eleven boats in the 50 foot class had Monitors. THE Monitor WAS THE ONLY WIND VANE USED. The Monitor is a proven gear of enormous strength. Its superior features include stainless steel construction, electric pilot hookup, a maintenance-free, minimum friction bearing system, and a reasonable weight of 52 pounds. It has infinite remote control and a flip-up/down paddle with overload protection. New in 1996 is an EMERGENCY RUDDER CONVERSION KIT, available with new Monitors, or as an upgrade for older Monitors. The new EMERGENCY RUDDER system is so strongly supported that it becomes a true rudder, capable of steering boats up to 50 feet. The Monitor can also be used as an emergency swim ladder. The four-point attachment system is custom designed by our factory to fit each individual boat and make installation easy. The Monitor is used on boats 20 to 60 feet. Video available on request. More

Auto-Helm Logo

Auto-Helm - Auxillary rudder with a trim tab

The Auto-Helm is an auxillary rudder/trim tab system, totally independent from the boat's primary steering and can be used as an emergency rudder. Excellent peroformance on all points of sail. No lines or blocks in the cockpit. Easy to install and operate. Upper half with control cables available separately to drive a trim tab on boats with outboard rudder. The Auto-Helm fits many boats but is especially suited for the following categories when other wind vanes are less appropriate: boats with hydraulic steering, worm gear, center cockpit, high freeboard, bad weather helm, mizzen, boomkin, davits, and when the skipper absolutely cannot tolerate lines in the cockpit. Stainless steel mounting system. More

Saye's Rig Logo

Saye's Rig - Trim tab on the main rudder

The Saye's Rig offers a patented and ingenious way of installing a trim tab on the boat's rudder when the rudder is inboard. It is a very simple and robust system almost exclusively made in bronze and stainless. There are no ropes or blocks. The air vane, mast and trim tab can easily be removed leaving only the small bracket on the transom. It is often the perfect solution for large boats, ketches, and boats with midship cockpit, high transoms and hydraulic steering. More